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Chris Wallace

CLAA01 Sept 27 Cycladic Figurines (ca. 3000 BCE)  First example of Bronze Age in Greece  Didn‟t leave much evidence beyond little stone people o Buried with people and seemed to be purposefully broken in the graves o No way of knowing if the people that created these were even Greek House of Tiles at Lerna (2700 – 2300 BCE)  Small building, centered around central agricultural storage  Clay seals were found in the basement to mark products  Fell down around 2300 BCE, about the same time that the Cycladians died out Minoan Palaces  Begin ca. 2000 BCE  Peak 1750 BCE o The palaces are not actually palaces, but seemed to have held entire communities o One large common area, many storage rooms o Most of these palaces are built exactly the same o There is a circular depression in each, reason for it unknown  There were called Minoan palaces, even though they were on the island of Crete, because the man (Arthur Evans) that discovered the first palace had thought they he had found King Minos‟ castle on Knossos o There are two ways at looking at the palaces on Crete:  Vehicle for social change (i.e. storage and trade of items)  This is a „Chicken/Egg discussion‟: Trade came because of strong agriculture or did the strong agriculture begin because of trade?  Feminist utopia? The palaces did not have strong walls and no swords were found in excavation, so maybe a peaceful and war- CLAA01 Sept 27 less community. The female form was in most art coming from this period (75% of people in art were women).  The flaw with this is that just because there are no walls, it doesn‟t mean that they are peaceful. The Spartans, a strong military people, didn‟t have walls. And while no swords were found, battle axes are represented in many forms of art.  Mycenaean Conquest ca. 1450 BCE o The palaces are burnt down and rebuilt by Mycenaeans.  Minoan Writin
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