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Classical Studies
Chris Wallace

CLAA04 Oct. 4 Archaic Greece (ca. 800 – 490 BCE) The Dark Age (ca. 1200 – 800 BCE)  Palaces destroyed and not rebuilt, resulting in a decline in population. o However, may not be actually decline because, instead of palaces, villages became the way of life. So it may not be decline but simply spread out due to loss of city centers.  Loss of literacy o Very few people actually knew how to read Linear B so it could not be taught to next generations. Resulted in illiteracy/semi-illiteracy in Greece  Loss of figural art  Political fragmentation o Titles for leaders changed from Wanax to Basileus  Loss of trade routes o Greece had to switch from bronze to iron because trade routes ended. Could no longer import tin to make bronze. o End of bronze age, beginning of iron age th The 8 century Renaissance  The Rise of the Polis o Wide variety of meanings for ‘polis’  we say ‘city-state’  In Greek it can mean:  1. a city (houses, walls, temples)  2. city and the outlying territory (called chora)  3. constitution/government/institutions  4. citizens, especially city-soldiers o Important features of a polis:  Nomos (law/customs)  Citizen participation (male only; free only; landowning; military service)  3 branches of government: o Magistrates (executive)  Powers and term limited by law (Dreros) o Council (boule, gerousia)  Deliberative, boule was usually composed of older men o Assembly (demos, ekklesia)  Direct democracy, is sovereign  Everyone has a chance to speak and the Assembly makes decisions CLAA04 Oct. 4  Archaic Sparta o Started with four cities that become one large city  kept all four basileus of the cities to act as a highest government power o Had large chora after conquering other towns o Did not have a well-governed territory due to much i
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