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Classical Studies
P Ferguson

King Cheops and the Magicians  On papyrus 3033  4th dynasty (old kingdom) setting in the old kingdom  Composition: 12th dynasty (middle kingdom) written in middle kingdom  But papyrus from the 2nd intermediate period  First Tale mostly lost and the end is only kept  End of the Marvel in the Time of King Djoser  The story and the name of the narrator is lost  Djoser = dynasty 3 built the step pyramids  Second story- the marvel which happened in the time of king Nebka  Nebka was a mysterious king before Djoser  Narrator is the second son of Khaefra and he built the second kind of pyramids  Protagonist is Webaoner a lector priest  "the one that carries the ritual book"  Wife having affair  Webaoner found out and he uses magic  He makes a crocodile out of wax, MAGIC!  Wife and townsman meet, and then un lease crocodile on townsman and kills him  Webaoner shows crocodile to King Nebka  Webaoner makes it turn back to wax  Nebka has Webaoner's wife burned alive and thrown into the Nile  WOMAN WHO COMMIT ADULTERY GET PUNISHED SEVERLY IN THE MYTHS (door keeper story)  At the end of 2nd tale, King Khufu has offerings made to Nabka and Webaoner  N- 1000 loaves of bread, 100 jugs of beer, 1 ox, 2 cones of insense  W= 1 large cake, 1 jug of beer, 1 joint of meet, 1 cone of incense  W= chief lecture priest get so less even though he did most of the work  N gets a 1000x more stuff  STATUS INEQUALITY  King Khufu favours other pharaohs  3rd tale  Snefru= had 3 pyramids built because none was quite right  King S is bored and he is looking for something to do  Bored so ask to bring chief lector (priest) and scribe Djadjaemonkh for a diversion  Place and crown tied up in kingship  Get beautiful women to row boat  Summon 20 young women and dress only in nets and row his boat  One of them looses a piece of jewellery  Lost a fish-shaped turquoise charm in the water  Rowing stops and king is concerned  King offers new charm but rower wants her back  Snefru summons Djadjaemonkh  D, He folded lake in half and found the charm  But water = 12 cubics feet  Lake unfolded again  Khufu offers offerings to Snefru and Djadjaemonkh  And same S gets more D gets less  Story seem to honour 5th dynasty king and they are devoted to sun god  Hathor rows sun god's boat through the sky  So this story = parody  Setting for telling of story = 4th dynasty  The events happening now = 3rd but forseeming 5th dynasty  4th tale: a marvel in time of king Khufu himself  K= second king of 4th dynasty  Narrator = Hardedef, fourth son of Khufu  Happening during their own time  Khufu built great pyramid of peeza?  Hardedef tells of a magician called Dedi, 110 years old but looks like young man  Everyday he eats and drinks alot but he knows great magic  Khufu sends Hardedef to getch Dedi  Dedi reterns with the prince, bringing 2 boats loaded with students and writing  Heard the rumors of his power  Dedi says know how to reattach head of executed criminal  But he says he cant revive people  Goose able to revive  Does it for other animals  Asks him the number of shrines of the enclosure of Thoth, Dedi answers he doesn't know but he knows where to get it  Says it's the eldest son of Reddedet  Could 5th dynasty kings may be descendants of Khufu via Hardedef  Sometimes called Sun Kings did not build pyramids  Birth of the Kings  Reddedet is ill so difficult to give birth  Re orders 5 gods to assist in birthing the kings  Reminder of why Gods need man kind  If no pray then gods go hungry  As giving birth, name the children  Weserkaf - name from puns and godness Isis names them  Funny how they come out looking like kings  5 gods leaven behind 3 crowns for future  Discover sign and rejoice  R has an argument with a maid and beats her  Maid wants to go warn Khufu about the new group of boys to be kings  Maid runs away and tells brother who whips her  She is eaten by crocodile The Shipwrecked Sailor  Middle kingdom  Story within the story  Non of the charaters can names  No location is clear  Emphasis on numbers: star novements?  Themes: love of family, return to Egpyt, ....  Beginning is missing  Rolling of papyrus and get damaged  An
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