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Lecture 9

CLAA05 Lecture 9 Egyptian Afterlife + Gods & Goddess

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P Ferguson

Sanchika K Nov 14 2012 CLAA05 Class 10 The Egyptian Gods and the Afterlife Essay Citation and bibliography in MLA Egyptian Souls: The Ba, The Ka The Ka  Different souls that did different jobs  The Ka was a person’s double created at birth together  What makes you, you  Has a human form, the soul that inhabits your tomb after death o Make use of the tomb furniture and offering o Visited by family and given offering  Symbolized by 2 upraises arms on the Ka’s head The Ba  Human-headed bird  Able to leave the tomb by day  The Ba and Ka should be able to come back The Akh  Is the spirit of the dead that travels to live in the star  Can still influence life on earth  Intermediate between living and the dead  Some akhu died like sun and moon and some were immortal Sanchika K Nov 14 2012 CLAA05 Ennead of Heliopolis (City of the Sun)  Atum o His name to mean complete one o Belief that he created himself from the water of Nun by uttering his own name o Also called Neb-er-djer or Universal God, Lord of the Two Lands o Represented as a bearded man, wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt  Tefnut o Shu’s sister and wife o Personification of life-giving dew and moisture o Sometimes identified as the left eye of Horus o Depicted as a lioness or with the head of a lion wearing the solar disk and the uraeus  Shu-male o Twin sister is Tefnut o Created by Ra o Personification of the atmosphere o Name meaning to rise o He is separating his children Geb, the Earth and Nut, the sky o Shu was ordered by Ra to support Nut o Shown as a bearded man kneeling or standing over Geb o Created the world by separating the sky from the earth  Geb o The earth, thought to be the son of Shu and Tefnut o Geb and Nut were always in close embrace Ra displeased with this told Shut p separate them  Nut o Goddess of the sky o Seperated by Shu in the day at night she is not help up hence darkness o Originally the mother goddess o Nut became identified as protectress of the dead o Her body was painted on the inner lid of coffins so that the soul of the deceased might join the blessed dead  Osiris o Ancient corn-deity o Nut gave birth to Osiris on the first of the five intercalary days o Is represented as the dead king, with only the hands emerging from the mummified body o Emblems of supreme power are the shepherd crook and whip/flail  Seth o Married his sister Nephthys o He became the personification of evil o Osiris brother, Horus’s uncle  Isis o Wife of Osiris o Gave birth to Horus with dead husband Osiris o Reveres as protectress of children, especially from diseases o Seen as suckling with baby Horus, with a solar disk between two horns Sanchika K Nov 14 2012 CLAA05 
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