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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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P Ferguson

Lecture 5: More Mesopotamian Legends Adapa One of the Seven Sages from before the Flood (antedivulan) An appkallum (sage-priest) of Ea at Eridu - Eridu believed to be the oldest Mesopotamian city and the first to receive kingship from heaven - Eridu made with baked bricks (thus eroded) and excavations reveal that it was built over and over with an origin as a very small, three-room shrine Adapa introduces the rituals of the Gods Ea creates Adapa as a sage for mankind – mortal, clever and extra-wise Adapa baked with the bakers and cooked for Ea One day he goes to fish and the South Wind drowned his boat He curses the South Wind, breaking his wing Anu asks what happened and he is told about Adapa and the South Wind, so he summons Adapa Ea tousles Adapa’s hair and dresses him in mourning clothes giving him specific instructions on how to behave in heaven Adapa arrives and follows the instructions to joke with Dumuzi and Gizzida (mourning because they have vanished) and explains to Anu why he broke the South Wind’s wing Dumuzi and Gizzida are in his favour so Anu forgives him and instead blames Ea (for instating wisdom on people) Adapa does not accept the food and drink of life but anoints himself - this transforms the food and drink of life to funerary food and drink: double etendre - Did Ea mislead him on purpose? Etana A quasi-historical king of Kish Myth as presented in Dalley is a composition of OBV, MAV and LV versions Myth credited to ____ Only confirmed hero on cylinder seals Summary 1 G
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