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Tracy L.Spurrier

Ancient MythologyOctober 7 2013Mesopotamian UnderworldTheogony of DunnPlough male marries Earth femaleTogether they break up the soil into clods and create SeaThe Furrows begat the Cattle GodPlough makes dominion for himself in Dunn cityCattle God married his mother Earth and killed his father PloughHe put the body in Dunn and took over his father dominionHe then married his sister Sea who killed EarthFlocks god son of cattle god killed cattle god and put the body in Dun with Plough th On the 16 day of Kislimy Flocks god married his mother Sea and killed his mother earthHe then took over the rule of DunnOn first day of Tebet son of Flocks god married his sister River and killed his father and mother Sea and Flocks godPut them in the tomb in Dunn and took power himselfThen the Herdsman God son of Flocks God marries his sister Pasture and Poplar and made the earth prosperousHe then killed someone and his mother River and put them in the tombIn the month of Shabat he took overHaharnum son of Herdsman and Pasture and poplar married his sister Beletseri th He killed his parents and on the 16 day of Addar took over DunnHayyashum son of Haharmum married his sisterAt new years festival he took over his fathers reign and did not kill him but imprisoned him in DunIshtars Descent to the UnderworldIshtar is the goddess of love and warIshtar tells the gate keeper to open the gate or she will break it downGatekeeper tells her to wait as he will go talk to the Queen EreshkigalEreshkigal tells the gate keeper to open itHe let her in the first gate but took her crownSecond gate he took her earringsThird gate he took her necklaceFourht gate took away the garment pins of her breastFifth gate he took away the belt of birthstones of her waistSixth gate he took her rings from hands and feetSeventh gate he took her formal dress from her bodyIshtar sat above Ereshkigal
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