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Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

Overtime Egyptmmp changed positions Life is sustainable in Egypt bc of the NILE Q I dentiyfy when kingdom came b4 the middle kingdom old kingdomCOS Greek writing MANETHO he lived when the greeks controlled Egypt and was asked to write a history of Egypt for the ruler of EgyptManeotho The problem is that we dont have any actual copies of his actual book however later scholars would take passages out of his book and excert them he was attempting to write a history of the world he would take his biblegreek sourcesBabylonegytian sources He tried to synchronize all these sources 4004 BC was when bible ppl believed world was created TOHHe was a prist at this templeTurin king list Lists all the kinds of Egypt but broke Written in Egyptian hyrogriphicFcat Not been located but was down in the south Macehead Belongs to dynasty 0RTOF1sdkna All the first 2dynastly kings built their tombs hereWe think narmer was the king that unified all the city states of Egypt to one and moved his capital from the south to the city of memphsis Uni of the whole nile valley to one stateAround 3000 bceHoris the falcon god symbolof powerBedsteb when u turn 40 u had to run and show u were still youngSnefru had 3 pyramids Bent pyramid
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