Lecture Nov 2

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Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

November 2 11EGYPTIn ancient times ppl were excluded from entering the templeIn order to be preist you had to be perfect and pure no acne body inspections They would spare no expenses for making a temple best material Land of the living was on the east right bank of the nile bc thats where the sun rises The land where they put all the tombs is located on the west bank Temple of Thebes located in Karnak The great Amun temple Each king would add another temple to this huge complex Temple of Ptahptah means to opencreation godancient Egyptian kings had 5 names the names we use are one of the 5 names where the temple was was sacred space Once it was built there they would rebuild others on top of the same spaceThey would flatten and purify the landThe king decided to stretch the line which m
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