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P Ferguson

Ancient Mythology: Lecture one  History is an interpretation of past events (distinct field) o Not just about everything that happened in the past  BC & AD = religious context pertaining to birth/death of Christ o Used to date the past o 2012 (BCE & CE)  before common era and common era o There is no year “0” o BCE = 1000’s of years ago  3 systems used:  King Lists  Events (Astrologers) o Ex: rise of Sirius star/ refs to eclipses etc  Limmu (system named after high officials)  Archeology  study of people in past societies through discovering & studying artifacts  Relative Dating  layers of time you discover when you study artifacts o Deeper you go, older things get o Ex: find various parts of pot and try to track by looking at the style of it from particular decades o Radio Carbon dating  Measure amount of carbon 14 and figure out the date of it o Dendrochronology form of dating using tree rings o Numismatics= another form of dating using coins  History and Archeology are just 2 methods that are used when attempting to study the past Mesopotamia: B/w the Tigris and Euphrates River  Can divide Mesopotamia into 3 eras  Land of Mesopotamia moves from south to north o Subartu, Akkad, Sumer o Subartu= northern Iraq o Akkad= Central Iraq o Sumer= southern Iraq  Origin of agriculture  3 hypothesis o Oasis Hypothesis  Climate change resuted in concentration of people and animals around water holes o Nuclear zone hypothesis  focused on natural conditions o Population Pressure Hypothesis  too many people with limited resources  Wheat and Barley – domesticated to become food o Barley (image on ppt.)  A= Domesticated (grains not released so easily)  Allows to be harvested and reaped  People got more food from domesticated barley  B= wild (grains released easily into grounds with strong winds)  Civilization  organized human society operating within a larger nation
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