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Classical Studies
Ciocani Vichi

CLAA06- Lecture 4 (30/01/13) Female deities: 1. Aphrodite:  Roman Venus  She comes from a generation before Zeus  Cronus castrates his father and his genitals falls in the ocean and it becomes Aphrodite  Cythera and Cyprus (two important shrines dedicated to Aphrodite)  Associated with shell or oyster  Another version of her birth: o Eros was the first creature who was there after all the chaos (there’s two versions; Aphrodite Urania (and Eros as the principle of cohesion-born from genitals) and Aphrodite Pandemos (and Eros as the naughty with arrows- daughter of Zeus and Dione (female version of Zeus))  She is usually clothed but in the 4 century there was a full standing statue of her nude  She is often represented with magic girdle (usually used to seduce people)- Hera borrowed the girdle from Aphrodite to seduce Zeus during the war  Seductivity is her power over men  Judgement of Paris: there was a wedding between Paris and Pelos (it was arranged by Zeus because he was told that if he was to have sex with Paris then their child will overthrow him), Aris was mad because she wasn’t invited and she comes to the wedding and throws an apple and says this is for the most beautiful goddess, --- Look up online  She’s coming from the East  Aphrodite and weddings: once she is crafted into the pantheons, she becomes the goddess of weddings  Adonis: o Gr
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