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Classical Studies
Vikki Cochioni

Ancient Mythology Lec 01 01/09/2013 Mythological History • Greek Mythology • Neolithic Age 7000-3000 BC – Caves Indicate presence of humans • Bronze Age 3000-1200 BC – Greeks came around 2000 BC (Middle Bronze Age 2100-1600 BC) and they mixed culturally and socially with aboriginals and other populations but had different language • Dark Age 1100-700 BC – Because not much known about it • Archaic Period 700-480 BC – Literature and well developed mythology, alphabet etc. • Classical Period 480-323 BC – Provided sources for myths • Hellenistic Period 323-30 BC – Provided sources for myths – Conquest of Egypt and Persia • Roman Period 30 BC-AD476 • Land and water to raise animals and cattle, and many islands show movement of colonies of Greeks • Roman Mythology - Founding of Rome, The Roman kings 753-50stBC - Roman Republic 509-1 century BC - Early Roman Empire 27 BC-AD 284 - Late Roman Empire to fall of Rome AD • Example of blurred demarcation between history and myth: - The Minoan Civilization (Island of Crete – King Minos of Crete married Pasiphae. Minos was sent a bull by Poseidon for sacrifice but Minos sent another one. So Poseidon made him fall in love with the bull. Minos is intimate with the bull with the help of Daedalus and gives birth to the Minotaur whom King Minos tries to hide. Daedalus is told to build the labyrinth to hide and keep the Minotaur safe. Crete and Athens were in conflict and forces Athens to sacrifice 7 youth and 7 girls for sacrifice to Minotaur. Theseus goes for sacrifice and is given a thread so he can come back and find his way after killing the Minotaur • Women are white and men are black in Greek pottery • In 1899 Sir Arthur Evans uncovered the ancient Cnossus and named this culture the “Minoan” civilization - Cnossus 1900 BC “The palace of Minos” - Evans thought he found palaces, king and queens quarters and the Minos’ people - Archaeology tells us palaces are ‘storage places’, surround towns bring products for storage/distribution, the Minoans had a writing system BUT weren’t Greeks, and the bull/cow and double axe had religious importance • Greek Myths – History: Explaining politics and wars at the time – Philosophy: Discovering ultimate source of universe – Science: Where we come
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