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Lecture 11

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Classical Studies
Ciocani Vichi

CLAA06: Lecture 11 (27-03-13) Final exam: 3 essay questions (she will pick 1)  Usually people who return home are usually married and young (people who don’t return home have broken marriages)= men go succeed in returning home have successful marriages (but most men return home and find their wives cheating) 1. Odysseus: he’s very clear just like his wife (he knows how to escape from dangers), he describes the best marriage as spouses’ minds matching, his wife’s name is Penelope  When he was away, many people tried to marry her (108 suitors and she had no idea about Odysseus but she had hope that he would return) but she told them she would marry someone once she finished her tapestry but every night she would destroy whatever she made so she didn’t have to marry anyone  He can change shapes (the one with many shapes) and impersonate people  He was away from his homeland for 20 yrs (10 yrs was war)  The route of Odysseus: it’s usually a linear pathway (however, some of them are not linear)  Odysseus meets Nausicaa: (once the girls see him, they are scared and they flee, all except Nausicaa who has courage), he convinces her that he is safe, he is portrayed holding branches (he represents people who ask help when it’s needed)  Sirens: female birds, depicted with female heads and body of birds (they live on the cliffs next to the sea and they sing (music/poetry) very beautifully, all travellers stop to listen to the birds forever (they are eaten by them), Odysseus knows all of this from Athena, so he tells someone to tie him up and put something in his ears so he can’t hear the music and he manages to pass through, sirens get so angry that they fall int
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