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CLAA06 Jan 23

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Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

Feb 13 midterm Apollo and Hermes - sons of Zeus Hermes steals cattle from Apollo Hermes creates Lyre Represent two social classes, aristocracy (aristoi) vs simple people (kakoi) Hubris - arrogance in mortals, thinking theyre better than gods Asclepius - son of one of Apollo's lovers who died because she cheated Tityos - Giant who tried to rape a goddess and is sent to underworld to be eaten (liver) Niobe - had 7 daughters and 7 sons, committed Hubris and Apollo and Artemis kills them all Centaur (Chiron) - takes care of Asclepius Epaphus - son of Zeus and Io who is turned into a cow by Hera Arcadia - land of peace and poetry Pan: - ugly - inventor of panpires - myth of Syrinx (a nymph) - myth of Echo - Panic Zeus and Hera's children: - Eilethyia (goddess of childbirth) - Hebe (cupbearer of the gods, goddess of youth) - Hephaestus - Ares Hephaestus (Roman Volcanus): - the smith god - associated with fire (comes from earth), but not celestial fire - cast out of Olympus by Hera - lame/ugly god - husband of Aphrodite - creator of Pandora (first woman) - helps Zeus in chil
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