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CLAA06 Feb 6

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

Athena, Parthenos - creates clothing, defends cities, creates ships, the bridle, pottery Virgins associated with making clothing Making threads from wool, weaving Myth of Arachne - Arachne, maiden that was skillful at weaving - boasted that she's better than Athena herself (hubris) - Athena disguised herself as an old woman (Minerva) and tried to teach Arachne how to weave a different way - Athena made tapestry about herself, Arachne made tapestry about love affairs of gods and humans - Arachne's was favored by people who were watching, angered Athena - Athena turned Arachne into a spider Demeter - goddess of agriculture - Demeter's daughter Persephone (father Zeus) - earth opens in front of Persephone while she's playing, Hades takes her to underworld - Demeter looks for her daughter all over the world - asks Persophone if she ate anything in the underworld - ate Pomegranate (type of apple), therefore she can't fully come back to Demeter - final decision of Zeus: 1/3 in underworld, 2/3 on earth - Persophone/Kore becomes Queen of Underworld - Demeter and Persephone have a cult at Eleusis in Attica (Eleusinian mysteries) - Myo - to keep mouth shut - mysteries are rituals in which participants reenact the myth Dionysus (god of wine, Roman Bacchus/Liber) - new and foreign god, coming from the east - god of fertility and vegetation - god of wine, grapes, and symposia (drinking parties) - you can see the character of a man when he is drunk - wine -> truth - Spartans did not like symposia - made slaves get drunk to laugh at; discourage drinking - god of drama - first tragedies (dramatic acts) in history were always accompanied by masks - tied with the Athenian festival of Dionysus (Dionysia) - few days of dramas (tragedies) - would act as director (3 tragedies of myth (sad), 1 humorous) - Dionysus's birth - twice born son or the god of Nysa (unidentified mountain) 1) First version - parents are Zeus and Semele, daughter of Cadmus, founder of Thebes - Cadmus has 3 important daughter - Semele, Ino, Agave - Semele is seduced by Zeus, becomes pregnant - Hera appears as an old woman to Semele - Semele asks Zeus to grant her a wish, wishes for him to appear as Zeus - burnt to crisps - Zeus rescues baby and stitches him into his thigh and gives birth to him after 3 months 2) Second/Orphic version - Zeus and Persephone (his own daughter) conceive Zagreus - the baby is being raised by Nymphs and the Curetes - Titans (not the ones we know of, they are some earth creatures who is jealous of Zagreus because its associated with Hera) trick him promising toys to come out of the Nymph caves, dismember and eat him - Zeus saves his heart, swallows it then seduces Semele - Dionysus (Zagreus) is born again from Semele - Zeus destroys Titans into ashes with his thunderbolt and from the ashes creates mortals - Leopard skin; rides a chariot drawn by panthers - dolphins - wreath of vine, ivy cups, wine - always with a beard - always with followers - 1) Bacchae 2) Maenads (raging woman): eating raw flesh (homophagia) 3) satyrs: part men, part horse/donkey. depicted with pointy ears, round nose, sexually aroused. roman influence, lower goat like appearance. often drinking or drunk 4) Silenus - teacher of Dionysus: best known for the myth of King Midas. often depicted old, drunk, riding a donkey. Myths of resistance to Dionysus - sits on sea s
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