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Lecture 9

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Classical Studies
Ciocani Vichi

Lecture 9 (13/03/12): The expedition of the seven against Thebes:  ** Things about Jason will not be on the final exam (but you can talk about it in the essay)-ch. 18  There’s a small tendency toward self destruction  Oedipus (wife Jocasta kills herself and he blinds himself and leaves the city of Thebes)- they had two sons (Eteocles and Polynices) and two daughters (Antigone and Ismena)- they both wanted to be kings and they came to the agreement that each of them will be king for one year  After Oedipus leaves Thebes, there’s quarrel over the kingship between the two sons Eteocles wanted Polynices and Polynices decides to cast a vote against Thebes  Argives (king of Argos) also the father-in-law of Polynices goes to Thebes to restore power to Polynices The battle before Thebes:  Thebes is portrayed as the city with 7 gates and there’s 7 warriors fighting at the 7 gates (the two brothers fight at the same gate and kill each other)  Only two survivors (Amphiaraus and Adrastus) Sophocles’ Antigone:  Thebes is rescued but there’s no king (Creon, Jocasta’s brother becomes the king and he is mad at Polynices for starting the war)- he doesn’t bury Polynices and lets the body rot (the sister Antigone breaks the king’s order and buries her brother)  Creon gets mad and buries her alive in a tomb (she later hangs herself), she was supposed to be married to Creon’s son Haemon who also kills himself with his sword  Creon’s wife kills herself The Trojan War (most important myth in Greek mythology):  There’s a clash between gods (conflict between monogamy and polygamy)  Historically speaking, we don’t know if this war actually
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