Lecture 1. Greek and Roman Mythology

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Classical Studies
Alexandra Pohlod

Greek and Roman Mythology Tuesday, January 7 , 2014 Article reviews (20%), midterm (25%), Final Exam (35%) • Greek etymology for mythology: Mouthas means strong speach (story) Lagas means reasonable speech, both Latin words essentially mean speach. • Mythology is a story passed down orally through the generations of collective social importance. • An example of a Greek god that has no personality traits or attributes aside from her given use is the Goddess Nemesis, only used for vengeance. All the main characters in the mythological stories are divine humans only play minor roles. • Mythology can be a religious practice or have social implications. • Places such as Mount Olympus, or the area off the coast of Sicily where the Cyclops Typhoeus was imprisoned under a volcano. Sometimes principle actors are humans with divine ancestry, a demi- god did not possess immortality only something special to distinct them from others (super strength etc.) • Troy actually did exist and was destroyed; archaeologists found remnants of the city exactly where it was rumored to be. Folktale: humans are the principle actors but they can also entail animals with human features. There are different types of Folktales such as; Cinderella, Snow White (brother’s Grimm) Folktale motifs can also be a diverse factor in the categorization of the folktale. The quest: magical object▯ hero▯ reward (riches, marriage, title) Vladimir Propp Studied the morphology of the folktale, studied folktale, same order, all the same type of myth. Claude Levi-Strauss Strauss said that there are multiple accounts of the same story; society needs to look at the myth. Myth takes form of identific
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