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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Jessica Higgins

Lecture 11 Tuesday April 12 2011 410 PM Myths About Early Rome From Foundation to Republic Legends of Early Romey Mars like Venus was progenitor of the Roman people y He was the father of Remus and Romulus yThe firs Roman blood spilled on Roman soil belonged to Remus cut down by his brotherRomulus in the first of a thousand battles for primacy of RomeRomulus and RemusyGap of 450 years between the burning of Troy 1200 BC and the conventional date of thefounding of Rome in 753 BC yThe usual story is that Aeneas founded the town of Lavinium after his wife Lavinia anddied after three years y His son AscaniusIulus founded Alba Longa yThere he was succeeded by a line of kings and 450 years later Remus and Romulus werebornLivy Titus Liviusy Ca 59 BCE 17 CE yWrote Ab Urbe Condita lit From the founding of the city which we call the History ofRome y Written on 142 papyrus rolls 35 of which survive y From Romulus and Remus to the Punic Carthaginian Wars y AnnalsAb Urbe Condita or History of RomeyThe next king after Ascanius was Procar who bequeathed his throne to his elder sonNumitor yAfter he died Amulius disrespected his wishes and drove his brother Numitor from thecity yHe killed all of Numitors sons and forced his daughter Rhea Silvia to become a VestalVirgin y She gave birth to twins which she claimed were the result of rape by the god Mars yShe was chained and thrown into a dungeon and her sons were ordered to be drownedin a river ySince the Tiber had overflowed its banks the guards simply left the babies on the nearestmud bank y A thirsty shewolf heard their cries and suckled them yA shepherd Faustulus happened upon them and brought them back to his hut and hiswife Larentia ySome people maintain that Larentia was the local whore given the nickname of LupashewolfFoundation of Romey When Romulus and Remus grew up they became great hunters yOne day the bandits captured Remus and gave him to Amulius who gave him to Numitorfor punishment yNumitor recognized his grandson and together with Romulus formed a plot to killAmulius y The throne of Alba was restored to Numitor yRomulus and Remus wanted to build a new city since Alba was crowded but couldntdecide who would be king since there was no eldest brother yRomulus therefore occupied the Palatine and Remus the Aventine to observe for signsfrom the gods they were hills of Rome yRemus received the first portent of six vultures while immediately afterwards twelveappeared to Romulus yBoth of their followers hailed them as king Remus due to priority and Romulus due tonumbers y They began to argue and when things turned violent Remus was killed y Pomerium BorderThe Rape of the SabinesyRome was founded and named but there was no one to live in it except runaway slavesbandits and murderers who assembled from the ills yIf the Romans were to grow in number they needed wives but no man wanted hisdaughter to marry a Roman bandit y Romulus came up with a plan yDuring a festival large crowds flocked to Rome including the Sabines who lived in thehills yAs soon as the festival began the Romans rushed into the crowd and seized the youngSabine women yRomulus convinced the women that passionate love had prompted the offense and thewomen forgot their resentmentTitus Tatius Tarpeia and the Death of Romulusy The king of the Sabines Titus Tatius made war on the Romans yAfter many years the Sabines gained entry to the Capitoline Hill either by bribingTarpeia daughter of the Roman commander or because she fell in love with Titus Tatius yFor her treachery she demanded what the Sabines wear on their left arms which weregold bracelets yOnce inside the Sabines crushed her under the weight of their shields which they alsowore on their left arms yThe day of battle arrived but the Sabine wives with their young children convinced theirbrothers and fathers to lay down their arms
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