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Classical Studies
Vick Ciocani

Lecture 1Labyrinthgetting lost in a place Structure in Crete Minotaurshameful offspring because of adulterous relationship between Minoss wife Pasiphae and a bull Pasiphae fell in love with the bull She put on beautiful clothing on the bull to make it look like a beautiful cow Minos wanted to confine the relationship so he created a labyrinth Some artist created the labyrinth This labyrinth was best known because every single year a number of young men were sent to be sacrificed as food for the Minotaur Theseus Athenian hero was sent by the king to defeat the Minotaur And he did manage to defeat the Minotaur The problem was getting in and outside of labyrinth The person that helped him was Ariadne She was a Minoss child She helped him by offering him a thread Myths are all interconnected Myths are not like books We see Gods and other characters that sometimes have similar experiences Eg Phaedra is connected to Ariadna because they are sisters Ariadna was left behind at the shore of Crete and Theseus went on to marry Phaedra Note Minotaur is half man half bull Myth and HistoryMyths for us means lie or untrue It seems like fiction But we can find relationships between myths and history Scholars have discovered traces using the archeological evidences Arthur Evans is th
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