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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Vick Ciocani

CLA06H3 Lecture 2 Myths of creation 1 The rise of Zeus2 The origin of Mortals The ancient Greek Myth is very open to interpretation and you can find examples of it in the modern culture Try to have an idea about the location of the islandscities Try to read everything in the textbook but focus on the Greek myths Read the passages they will definitely show up on the examsthe questions on the exams are going to be very specific MYTHS OF CREATION Myths of creation are very important for any culture Greek Gods were sometimes Gods or transition between humans and Gods The main question was Who and what man is And what is his role in the world So we need to knowo The origin of Gods and theno The origin of humans1 THE RISE OF ZEUSOne of the most powerful Gods in ancient Greek cultureTH HESIODS THEOGONY 8 CENTURY BC o Lived 3 millennia agoo He wrote two epic poems composed at about the same timeo Theogonytheorefers to gods as in theology gony means birtho Cosmogonycosmoworld Means creation of the world Zeus is a typical IndoEuropean God IndoEuropean people had similar gods and similar beliefs The common belief was the god of heaven or the god of sky Zeus itself means light Zeus is related to the English word day In order to maintain his supremacy he had to fight all the dark creatures Romans translated their own God into Greek God JupiterRoman correspondent of Zeus Hospitality was interesting for Greeks because they were always in war Picture of Thetis and Jupitershe is asking Zeus to lend her sons life by touching his chin and knee at the same time Zeus was the God of the supplicantsHow did Zeus come into being HESIOD THEOGONYChaos means opening The first thing that came into being GAEAmeans earth eg words like geography TARTARUSplace somewhere in the underworld Sometimes it is considered just a part or the worst part of the underworld After tartarus there is an interesting creature called EROSsexual attraction that encourages reproduction Eros is seen as a boy who invokes sexual passion in humans EREBUSdeep darknessNYXrefers to English word night AETHERrefers to light radiance HEMERAdayURANUSskyo Uranus and Gaea had kidso We have the mountains because the god needed something to put their feet ono The mountains were created using virginal birth Gaea herself gave birth to mountainso Off springs were the titanso RHEA is important because she became the mother of Zeuso THEMIStitan who deals with respecting the lawo MNEMOSYNEmeans memory Considered the mother of Muses
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