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Classical Studies
Vick Ciocani

CLAA06H3January 25 2012 1252012 11000 PMQuiz on chapter 4 and 5 y what was Phaethons wisho dont give too much detailsto ride a Heilets charioty How was Aphrodite conceived o Aphrodite was conceived by Uranuss genitals being thrown in the sea y Name ONE literary source author and work that describes the creation of the worldo Hesiady Give three significant pieces of information about this fragment o Their work was mindless o Till I explained the courses of the stars o I taught them mathematics wisdoms loreo and words in letters of all things remembranceso Mother and servant of artsy you can tell about the author the context or the content y it is about Phormethius educated humansThere will also be images to identify and comment upon Images could be from the textbook or from the lectures 1 Zeus y Zeuss omnipotence o it is different from the concept of omnipotence in other religions eg JudeoChristiano The way you treat mutual reciprocity of guestsaka Xenia hint memorize it by relating it with xenophobiao Zeus is the God of storm rain and light Zeus is not removed from Earth he is always engaged with everything that happens in Eartho Usually represented as Aegisgoat skin or storm It is fancy in a way so it protects him Zeus is often seen as hidden in the clouds or protected in the raino Athena was born completely armored She is wearing a shield which made her invulnerable type from birtho Zeus is also seen as the God of fecunditybrings fertility into the lando He is also seen as having relationships with females so he is a very much the father of humansZeuss sexual omnipotence Through rain he could impregnate everythingo Even now in some places like Eastern Europe girls are made run around naked in a ritual which is carried out to pray for rainHomer Iliad 81724 y This paragraph talks about Zeuss strength with comparison to other godsyHERA Roman JUNO y Zeuss wifegoddess of fertility What we know for sure is that the patron of marriage She is associated with a certain place She has only 3 children with Zeus Ares Eileithyia and Hebe Hesiod is another child which is conceived asexually and is therefore cripple thrown away from heavenyHera Iliad 14314328 y In the Trojan war Hera manages to take Zeus to her bedroom He is surprised that he desired her so much Zeus is deceived by Hera and he doesnt seem to understand it Also the poetry is very fascinating in this passagey Danae princess that was trapped in her room by her father and Zeus got into her through rainy Zeus always disguises himself He would take different formsy Perseus an important Greek heroy Europa she is a princess Daughter of Phoenix y Semele she went to the nearby river to wash the blood from her body Zeus came to her in the form of an eagle and had intercourse with her This is another disguise of Zeus Typical scenarios of abduction for females are when they are washing or doing
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