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Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

PSYA02 LECTURE 2 011112 LANGUAGE ACQUISITIONto remember something you need to have a working memoryit takes effort to get something into your long term memorythe brain is good at picking up things like structure grammar Chompsey We atre born with a hardwire to grammar some cultures dont differentiate between phonemessome sounds we dont have in our languagekids can have a sensitivity to language but they can lose it if it is not used in their cultureat 12 months babies start producing vocalization which are consonantschildren learn the non verbal as well They learn it before they learn the meaningskids do not have a fancy voacalization prespeechthey start to put words into pairs at 1 20 months25 years of age is the critical period if exposed to language they pick it up pretty wellthey cannot or will have a hard time learning to speak after this
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