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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Myths of Death

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Classical Studies
Vichi Ciocani

Lecture 6Myths of Death Wednesday February 15 2012 211 PM SelfEvaluation Quiz 1 What happened to Niobe She was turned into stone after her six daughters and sons were shot to death by Letos children for committing hybris against Leto Niobe boasted that she was a better mother than her2 What is the etymology of the word mystery Related to a Greek verb which means to keep shut Probably to keep ones mouth shut after participating in the secret rituals 3 Who were the parents of Adonis Myrrha and her father Cinyras 4 How was Dionysus born Taken out of her mothers Semele womb Dionysus was carried to fullterm in Zeus thigh 1 Odysseus journey to the Underworld 2 Orpheus and Eurydice 3 Platos Myth of Er 4 Roman Myth Aenas Journey to the Underworld HadesGod of the UnderworldHe knows no pleasureHermes Guides souls to the Underworldo Psychopompos psycho means soul Odysseus journey to deaths realm Odyssey book 11Story told by Odysseus himself to the Phaecians his hosts in the imaginary PhaeciaOdysseus lover the witch Circe instructs him to find Tiresias and inquire him about the futureTiresiasthe blind seer present in other literary texts such as Euripides Bacchae or Sophocles Oedipus His unclear sexuality turned into a women but kept him male identityA place near the Ocean they dug a pit pour an offering for the dead who show up one by one o Sheep and ram blood o Ghosts come from the Underworld came out to drink the blood The story of Elpenor Od 115168 Noble son of Laertes Odysseus the wise and resourceful An evil fate sent from heaven and too much wine and too potent Fuddled my wits and brought on my death in the palace of Circe From my bed on the roof I stumbled to find the long downward ladder But plunged headlong to the ground and broke my bones on the neck My soul fluttered down to Hades Now hear my last supplication I beg you by those you have left behind in the land of the living By your wife by the father who raised you tiny child that you were By Telemachus your only son whom you left at home in the palace Because I know that you will go back once more from the house of Hades To Circes isle of Aeaea in your speedy and wellbuilt vesselWhen you arrive there my lord remember my final entreaty When again you set out for home do not leave me unwept and unburied Abandoned hateful to gods But lay me to rest to my weapons With everything that is mine in a grave on the coast of the sea The tomb of a poor hapless man a reminder to those who come after Grant me that favor and this Mount on my tomb the same oar That I swung in the land of the living seated along my fellowsRitual of burial comprises weeping so that the ghosts wont haunt people and putting the deads belongings in the grave Elpenors ghost and Odysseus Attic redfigure vase painting c 460430 BC Hermes is on the far right Odysseus motherOdysseus talks to Tiresias and then with his own mother Anticlea Od 11 210 ff Dear mother why do you shrink to avoid my embrace Even in Hades can we not put our arms around each other And give full play to our grief Has Persephone sent an illusion To deceive me and make me sorrow the more in my aching grief
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