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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Victoria Owen

Lecture 8Myths of AthensClaimed Origins of the Athenians1 The Myth of the king Cecrops civilizing king in the golden age snake and man sprung from the earth in his time the contest between Poseidon and Athena2 autochthonous sprung of the earth3 descendants of the king Erichtonius son of Hephaestus and Athena Not sure how Athenians came to beAthens represented most important cityAthens defeated Persians then they became importantGolden ageduring King CeropsHe forbid human sacrifices marriageHad tail of snakeMyths of Athena contain snakes importantHe came out of Earth out of GaeaErichtoniusname related to EarthAthena went to Hephaestus to fix her weaponsHephaestus tries to seduce Athena he ejaculates on her and she wipes it off the sperm falls on the ground and Erichtonius is bornTwo myths about the daughters of Cecrops1The daughters of Cecrops Aglaurus Herse Pandrosus receive the basket with the infant Erichtonius Athena raises ErichtoniusArrhephoriafestival of the dew carriers two young girls the Arrhephoroi living for a year on the Acropolis and weaving a robe for Athena priestess of Athena sends them to a cave of Aphrodite the basketsAglaurusbring shining Hersehumidity Pandrosusdew shining drops of waterIn one account Athena asks them to protect Erichtonius and she asks them not to look in the baskedAglaurus and Pandrosus look and they see a snakeAthena punished themWomen were either wives virgins or prostitutesEvery year at the temple of Athena her sculpture had to be dressed in new robesCave of AphroditemarriageThey carry a basked to the cave and them bring a different one backThey are not suppose to look in the basketthThe birth of Erichtonius redfigure Attic vase 5 c BCGaea holding babyhas a crown gives baby to Athena Cecrops has half body snakelast on right is HerseHephaestus is in the middleAphrodite and Centaurs were only ones created out of sperm2 Cephalus myth In Ovid all Cecrops daughters look into the basket and survive Hermes falls in love with Herse she bears the baby Cephalus headCephalus and Eos have a child PhaethonCephalus marries Procris daughter of Erechteus grandson of Erichtonius the theme of suspicion and jealousy the golden crownProcris in Crete cures king Minos and flees back to Athens with his gifts the magical hound Laelaps and the magical spear and reunites with Cephalus Cephalus kills his wife with the spear while huntingExiled to Thebes and the story of the fox never to be caughtThey are not punishedEos has many sexual relationshipsCephalus marries Procris granddaughter of ErectoniusParthenon Athena and temple of Erichtonius Erachtaeon famous temple in AthensCephalus comes in disguise and tries to seduce Procris to see if she will fall for itShe falls for it when he brings a golden crownHe confronts her and she runs away to CreteShe has an affair with Minos who is married to PasiphiaPasipilia curses him so that he ejaculates spiders that eat the womens genitalsProcris comes and heals him from this disease King Minos gives her 2 magical gifts a spear and a dogThe dog can catch any animal and the spear will hit any targetThey both represent sperm aiming the targetShe goes back to Athens as a boy because of the magical objectsCephalus wants the magical objects and she says that he can have it if she sleeps with him ie the boyShe reveals herself and they reconcileCephalus kills her by mistakeProcris thinks that Cephalus is sleeping with Eos when he goes hunting so she follows him and she is killedIn Thebes there is fox that cannot be caught he uses the dog to catch it and shows the chase between the love and the loverthDeath of Procris Attic redfigure mixing bowl 5 c BCAbove her bird her soul is flying to HadesThe Myth of Procne and Tereus OvidKing Erichtonius has a son king Pandion who has two daughters Procne and Philomela Pandion helped by the king of the Tracians Tereus wages war against ThebesProcne marries Tereus and have a son Itys Tereus rapes Philomela and cuts her tonguePhilomelas tapestry
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