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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Jessica Higgins

Hadesdis - Hades wasnt a place of torture; but wasnt a happy place - death not conceived of as natural even if it was of natural causes; always sought to believe there was a hostile force - any god could cause death but hades that ruled the underworld; hades is called the unseen one; also called (see slide) -> due to connection with death and underworld he is also called the most hated of the gods (in Iliad) - classical period; not seen as so much a hated god; but a good prudent one; and at this time hes called ploutos-> wife Persephone; daughter of Demeter or ares; hades abducted her and made her his wife - orcus; another name for hades realm in latin underworld geography - rivers; Acheron; once you crossed the river you were on the side of the dead Lethe; river that makes the dead forget their former life Styx; gods make their odes by; water reported to bring death to every living creature Thanatos - greek picture of death-> anthro
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