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Lecture 4

Week 4: Persia and Greeks

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Janet Mowat

Week 4-CHAPTER 11 PERSIA AND GREEKS Persia’s Northwest Frontier and the Ionian Revolt (521-494 b.c) -Darius set up local governors called satraps -Satraps were virtual kings within their provinces provided that they… -Kept peace -Kept taxes flowing -Provided troops -Their job was to deal quickly/cheaply with local problems with local problems -Darius seized the rich Greek island of Samos -Polycrates = tyrant of Samos -Gold ring + fish story -Persian satrap captured/crucified him -Darius pursued the Scythian but they didn’t give up -Darius withdrew, Scythians fought -They rode up to Darius’ only escape route, a bridge over the River Danube, and tried to persuade the Ionian Greeks he had left as guards to abandon it -If Darius + his army = destroyed, the Scythians urged the Greeks could rebel/be free -The pro-Persian tyrant of Miletus, Histiaeus opposed it -Said that it is better to be a tyrant under Persia than a regular citizen in a free polis -To fool Scythians, the Greek ruined a part of the bridge; but enough to allow for repairs -Darius raced to the bridge before the Scythians cut him off -Rewarded Histiaeus ~ a small territory -A Persian general wanted Darius that Histiaeus’ new territory is like a natural fortress -he might be planning a revolt -Darius offered Histiaeus to give up his new territory + live with the king as an advisor -Histiaeus gave the city to his nephew Aristogoras -Athenians offered earth and water to Darius in hopes for Persian support against Sparta -They accepted -A democratic faction seized the wealthy Greek island of Naxo -They exiled the former oligarchs -Asked Aristogoras to restore them, who agreed -Aristogoras asked for $ from Artaphernes -But later he couldn’t pay it back -Aristagoras talked to Ionian cities about revolt -Helped overthrown their tyrants -Sparta declined -Athens agreed; as well as Eretria (on the island of Euboea) -Ionians burned Sardis -Darius gathered a huge imperial army -Histiaeus persuaded Darius to send him back to help suppress the uprising -Some Ionians regretted rebelling against Persia -Aristrogoras fled to the city that was given to him by Histiaeus -He was killed -Ionians elected sailor Dionysius from Phocaea to organize the marine resistance -Trained the Ionians without rest -They started to get tired of Dionysius’ training they refused -Ships = triremes -Persians attacked, the Samians deserted, the Greek line broke up -Persians burned Miletus + temples -Devasted the other Ionian cities except Island Samos -Darius listened to Ionian grievances -Replaced hated tyrants with democracies -Courts to suppress lawlessness -Land survey -Ionian cities never recovered -A Persian general, Harpagus, captured Histiaeus -He + Artaphernes, governor of Sardis arrested him, took him to Sardis and cut off his head, sent it to Darius -Darius got angry ~ Histiaeus was not brought alive -Gave the head a proper burial The Battle of Marathon (490 b.c) -Athenians renounced their submit to Ahuramazda + Persia -Darius sent his son-in-law Mardonius with a fleet -He waited to punish Athens and Eretria for supporting the revolt -Everyone surrendered in Mardonis’ path -A storm lost 300 ships with 20,000 men -Many poleis submitted, some preferred tyrants under Persia vs. democracy -Athenians executed Darius’ heralds and Spartans pushed them in wells -Aegina, Athens traditional enemy, went to war with Athens -Darius planned to reinstate Hippias as ruler of Athens -Persians attacked Eretria; Athenians came to help but were advised return by Aeschines -Euphorbusm son of Alcimachus + Philagrus son of Cyneas betrayed the city to Persians -Athens was next -Persians landed on Marathon -Athenians ran their city and army democratically -Miltiades took charge -Told them to set for Marathon -Sent a runner to Sparta for help -Spartans could not take the field until full moon so they waited -Hippias, son of Pisistratus guided the Persians -the runner who went to the city of Plataea was successful ~ they joined the Athenians -Athenians hoped Spartans join them -The War archon voted to fight -The Spartans came and left having seen that the Athenians destroyed Persian army The Great War (480-479 b.c) -Darius now very angry b/c of Marathon loss went to invade all of Greece -Egypt rebelled, Darius died, Babylon rose up -Darius’s son Xerxes decided to invade -Mardonis urged him to renew the attack Storm Clouds in the West st -Diodorus of Sicily ~ historian living in 1 century -says that the Carthaginians teamed up with Xerxes -Carthaginians defeat Greek pirates -Spartan adventurer tries to establish Greek colony near Mota -Hippocrates, tyrant of Gela Empire on eastern Sicily -Dionysis of Phocaea emigrates to Sicily and becomes pirate leader -Gelon succeeds Hippocrates as tyrant of Gela -Gelon moves pipilations from Camarina, Gela, Megara Hyblaea, and Sicilan Euboea to Syracuse -Theron, tyrant of Akragas overthrowns Terillus, tyrant of Himera -Embassy from Aegean Gree
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