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Lecture 5

Week 5: Democracy and Empire-Athens and Syracuse

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Janet Mowat

Week 5-CHAPTER 13 DEMOCRACY AND EMPIRE: ATHENS AND SYRACUSE -Gelon dedicated a golden tripod @ Delphi to glorify his success -Gelon’s brother Hiero whom Gelon left Gela to, handed it over to another brother Polyzalos -Hiero claimed that the battles of Himera and Cumae were the same to Plataea and Salamis -Gelon and Hiero saved Greece from slavery -Sicilian cities signed a “Common Resolution” and the Sicilian poleis = free Western Democracies -freed from tyranny = set up democracy - demangogues (leaders of people) -opposed by a board of elected generals Eastern Growth in Western Greece -Population boomed, wealth by exporting produce, grand houses Cimon + Creation of Athenian Empire -Athenians secretly built new walls -Ionians refused to migrate to Sparta for protection -Pausania, the hero of Plataea wrote to Xerxes offering to betray Greece for Xerxes daughter’s hand -Ionians refused to work with another Spartan -Themistocles, Aristides, and Cimon saw opportunity to take control of an Aegean alliance + use its navy power to protect Athenian trade routes -people did not trust Themistocles =aim @ tyranny -exiled, he ran -Artaxerxes honoured him -Cimon took command of the allied fleet -Major earthquake in Sparta -instead of attacking Athens, they need their help now -Cimon always compared Athenians to Spartans = Athenian annoyed -Thasos fell -Sparta asked for help again First Peloponnesian War -Cimon lost touch with city’s mood, his rivals Ephialtes + Pericles turned the Assembly against him -Some believed (Athenians) it was time to break the Peloponnesian League -Athens wanted to split Sparta with its ally, Corith -thus destroying Sparta -Athens pursued both an anti-Persian/anti-Spartan policies -Egypt revolted
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