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Classical Studies
Katherine Blouin

Lecture 04CLAB06H3 Tuesday January 29 2013rdndItaly and the Empire in the 32 cent BC Outline1 Romes Italian Expansion 2 Romes Mediterranean Expansion a The Punic Wars b Roman involvement in the Eastern Mediterranean 3 The Consequencesa Institutions and Territorial Management b Society and Economy1 Romes Italian ExpansionReminder th 4 cent BC o Veii o Latium o N Campania o Samnium 290260 BC NorthernCentralSouthern ItalyAttacked some of its ships resulted Rome to reciprocate Wars against Pyrrhus 281272 BC 3 battles Rome vs Pyrrhus and allied citiesUpcomingRomes victory 275 o Pyrrhic victory273272 Capture of Tarentumo Sold the city o Survived the wars killed in a street fightConsequences Many cities submitted to Rome TarentumCreation of several new coloniesMore contact between the Romans and the Greek worldculture o More results within Roman culturefaithFirst contacts with Carthaginians
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