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Classical Studies
Katherine Blouin

Lecture 1) Environment, Sources and Methods History: a story of true events. Its aim is to organize and understand past events and look at how societies mind progressed from point A to B. Centrality of: 1. Spatio - Temporal Context: where and at time are we studying 2. primary sources: these are raw materials 3. Secondary Sources: commentary on raw materials by scholars - books - bring new life regarding ancient history Geography/History: • no traces of contact regarding the objects from the roman world have not been found in Mali • nubia was never a territory/province of the roman empire • roman world was vast and diversified world. (in terms of people) • core of this world is the Mediterranean Sea which is called (mare nosturm) meaning our city Traditional Argument: scholars believe that the traditional conception of the mediterranean world was homogeneous/set-part. Elements of uniformity: - climate is the same, hot and dry summers and cold - distinctive vegetation such as olive, grape vine - water ways were seen as a broader Thoughts: • on a local level there is a lot of diversity and what scholars call microecology • it is not proper to say it is a proper and enclosed world • lots of different cultures, dialect Sources: All the materials, textbooks, traces, interactions, thoughts, emotions is all lost when you pass away for example - ancient history - we have much less evidence. the sources we do have are very selective, objective and biased. we need to be able to see what is bullshit (political agenda) and access these biases - for example, most of the documents are written by victors rather than the losers. - some aspects of history is well documented - idea that the origins of the western world is associated to the
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