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CLAC11H3 LECTURE 4 – WEEK 4 Archaic Greek Lyric Archaic period: political leadership rests in the hand of arictrocity, - Homeric world: becomes transformed became of new class hoplites: lighter form of arms cheaper for an individual, articoracy moves our of warrior role - Ancient sports: naked and festival - Agon:competition , struggle - Lucus: places 2 main lucus gymnasiam , plystra ; for wrestling and male environment - Symposium : drinking party and event of cultural display and competition , developed out of the Homeric feasts - Megaron: - Zynea: guest friendship, - Gathering of males of social status: hetairol , it also entales one purpose in society - Homeric feast become the symposiam of the archaic age. - 750-650 orientalizing period , Persian and lidyans had a great impacton the cultural dependace in Greece, influence the classical of the symposium - Upon the eastern influence, anceiant began lie down apon and eat - Symposium: Drinking aparty: center of social and cualtural life; keeps status and increases - Instruemnets: flute, and lyres, flat bowl: cater, rapso stick ; used in telling the story - Sypostic: process needed to be followed - Basiuelues: king, leader, order of proceedsins, and mixture of drink of wine, ; never drank wine straight - The party took place in andron : male quarters, men and women lived separately - The party beguns with cleansing rituals,, wear garlands, pray to the god- pour out wine on the flower - Entertainment; drinking games, flicking games from the cup to target, dancing girls and comp. singing- this Is the origin of lyric poetry - Lyric poems; sung in diff themes, comedy, erotic, occasional poetry: poetry made for an
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