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Epigram: week 11  Greek Short little compostitions  Term: epirgram: inscription ?What is an inscription: to write on  Inscription: text written upon an object that is inverse ( it has meter is poetic) : wood, metal, stone  Epigram: short poem on stones, religions offering, or monuments in hexameter / elegic pentameter  Performance of epigram: passerby reads it and he looks upon the object inscribed upon it and placed in given environment : elements go to epigram  3 epigrams: o Sepulchral epigram: toom like, one inscribed on a tome or coffin o ^ this epigram is talking about the beauty of the young man and the passerby is directly addressed upon this memorial  Chorus: statue of beautiful young man o dedicatory: inscribed upon an object that is dedicated to a god, it is a speaking object o aesthetic value of the object  aucibory: brothers of helen, o honorific: accomplishment of the group, o Herodutus : he reports epigrams : thermopoliu(hot gate) : epigram written for their sacrifice of the Spartans :  Lacedaimonians: spartans : dead soldiers talking about their sacrifice  herodutus: history, Persian war  physical epirgram: collected in books and set into collections without having to move around in places to read them  divorce of poem from it’s physical content : phyriscal frame of genre is lost with the poem is taken out of physical world  now it becomes a literary genre , where it started as a textual genre  ex. Little boy who died : imagine he died instead of seeing it there  eprigram: is a sself aware genre : closest comparison is Horace play with lyrici
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