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Classical Studies
Emilia Barbeiro

CLAC11H3 WEEK 10 Exam:  29 of april  Content similar to midterm: mp , fill in the blank, author identification(3), short answer(4) o Fill in the blank: learn the words o Last class: review and handouts missing Elegy ( games of venus text)  Elegy: comes from elegas : designated a poem in the alegic cuplet  Pentameter: also called elegaiac couplet – the one with the indented one is 5 feet  Genre : began in ionia  Elegy : was used for poems all different type of themes, motifs and o Invective, eroctic, political and poets solen and calilcahus  The meter was diverse  What is the latin love elegy : it is about love : subjective and biographical –  Latin elegy: distinct genre : distinct form in latin and no equilivent in greek  The genre : has reference to greek poetry :  Catullus :ancestor for the elegest : Catullus : poetry similar to elegest : girlfriend lesbian  Emphasis : on otium : leisure : shunning the life of citizen/ duties of rome in favior of litary and sexual persuit  Topic : is love for the elegic poet : love is the soul and absolute experience : love is the center of the elegeic experience : persuit of love : become live slavery  Servtium amoris : slvery of love o Puele ( girl) – domina ( (similar to new comedy)courtesian: prostitute : lower class : but poet is elegic ( higher class but also slave to the poet) o Elgic poet is poor : only poet : versus exchange for domina o Domina; paraklausithryon – crying through a closed door – the domina doesn’t the lover in so he shuts the door – and he tries to come in crying ( similar to new comedy)  When an individual is shut out : he is an exclusus o The elegiac: take pleasure from the pain : suffers 99% of the time but gets a love ; come back o Nequita: uslees ness and constant decgradion o Renuntiato amoris: Elegiac: rare but somtime leaseves her and the rejection of love : but it is only temporary o Ideals his love but it is nothing like that o In the persuit of love : he rejects a life as a soldier : ideal citizen that is a soldier o Love : softness in elegy contrast to harshness of war o Mos maiorum : tradition of the ancestors : romans are conservatives : motto of one’s existence opposite of the elgeic poet/ lover  Cornellius Gallus: political individual : poetry can tell us about the poets life  Corpus tibullanium: body of t
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