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University of Toronto Scarborough
Classical Studies
Emilia Barbeiro

CLAC11H3 Roman lyric  Carmina: songs  Poems ; impostered by symposium, people attended parties, organic and cultural based o Roman poetry; biased against it, o Archaic poetry: diff kind of poetry o Romanic: 18 -19 century  What does it mean for a poet/ poem to be self- conscious: o Cautals, Horace and vergil; aware of genre they are writing  Concerned with meter., topic and allcivness and hsow in their poetry so tey use their ppetry to get to larger meanings; reflect poets asthetic and stylistic preferences  Poets have asthetic preferences:  Programmatic: ex. Pic of profile twitter : ex. Poems: that are meant to display to the reader what kind of poetics they are interested in and they like  They occur in the beginning or end;  Catacluus: born in city of Verona, 87 bc : died very young o Came from prominent fam, he associated with the elite, o Rome had blossomed in to an empire: endulge in the fruits of empire: you have access to the English: they had access to exotic materials; ivory, animals, marble and o Romans got to enjoy: otium: leisure time: social events, lyric poetry, symposia,  They would time of pursuits and endulge in otium ; reading poetry, friends, o Was part of circle of poets: the poeti novae and otium: was named by callumchus o They change poetry: composing new sort of petry: biggest change who they look to as their model : usually it would by Greeks literacture; but the focus is shifted  Hellenisitic period: classical age is over: homer, archaic lyrisicts and trogedens : tragedy o Poets: never outdue the achievement of the older poets: so they did the opposite of what they did before them: o Kata lepton : serious and emtotional tragedies, short and rot; full of illusion only understood by genious, arttoric; not accessible to everyone but the most genius  Catullus: look to the hellentis rev as there model o Kata lepton: short and sweet, learned, it has to be scholarly  Short vs long, light poetry(Hellenistic) and heavy(homer),  Poet novea and otium: sequel : reject something, they reject a taste of the text,  Caudia: brother : Claudius : she is famous sltu: cicero: procyreo ; o Book: libere: meter of the poets:
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