PHLB86 Lecture - what is cognitive science?

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Cognitive Science
Dustin Stokes

I Cognitive science some history II Formal systems and computers III Semantics and its challenges to AI IV Additional challenges for AI V GOFAI and NEWFAICognitive Science Some HistoryWhat is cognitive science A disciplineA doctrine main issues artificial intelligence computational theories of mind Cognitive science has been around in name since about 1978 however Haugeland believes Hobbes may have started it reasoning is but reckoningPhilosophical and experimental challenges Metaphysical challenge we have difficulty attributing mental statesexperiences to material stuff given qualitative differenceswe have a hard time thinking of the mind in terms of physical thingsThe unobservability of the mental we can only experience our own mental states not those of other peopleimposes a significant constraint on any objective state of mind We can assumemake comparisons based on behavior and what would cause ourselves to behave in that way but we cannot experience it or know for sure These challenges and others sufficed to dissuade most philosophersscientists from taking seriously a computational understanding of thought until recentlyHowever cognitive science is still not problem freeTwo tasks 1 Identify fundamental challenges for AIcognitive science 2 Clarify some basic assumptions and methods of cognitive science GOFAI to NEWFAIWhat is a computer Haugeland says an automated formal system Formal systems manipulate tokens according to a specified set of rulesA digital system is described as self contained no influence by outside world all moves determined by the system perfectly definite
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