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CSCA08Introduction to ProgrammingFile Practice in PythonLast class Finished while loops with strings and began files reading and writingToday Finish filesOpen a file specified by the user of text for reading and determine the following from the text1Assume the title is the first line of the file2Assume the next line contains the author and the third line is blank3The story text will begin on the fourth line4Count the number of and but because and sos to determine the number of compound sentences in the text5Also keep a count of the number of words in the text6Write to another file the following1Title of the text on the first line2Number of compound sentences in the text on the second line3Total number of words in the text on the third line7What name to give the file we are writing toThe title in lowercase with no spaces1If the name already exists then open it for reading and compare it with the values you have just calculated2If the values are the same print a message that states you are all done3If the file already exists but the values are different print some warning messages and write the new values erasing
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