2013 Summer CSCA20 Course Syllabus

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Computer Science
Anya Tafliovich

CSCA20H Course Information Sheet Summer 2013 Welcome to CSCA20H, Computer Science for the Sciences. This course is for students in programs other Overview than Computer Science, with an emphasis on the skills you need to write reliable, efficient programs for tasks such as analyzing data. Where are Section Instructor Office Email Office Hours we, am I?ho LEC01 Anya Tafliovich IC 495 atafl[email protected] 1:30–5 + open-door policy Lectures are in the IC 220, on Wednesdays from 10:10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. • Practical Programming (2nd edition): An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python 3 by P. Gries, J. Campbell, J. Montojo. Textbook The course web site is http://www.utsc.utoronto.c~/ atafliovich/csca20 The web site is required reading. It contains important information: assignment handouts, the policy on Courssiteb missed work, a discussion board, and more. You are responsible for reading all announcements made in lectures and on the discussion board. We may send crucial course announcements to your UTORonto.ca email address. Be sure to register your UTOR email address on ROSI and to read your UTOR email. The course discussion board is linked from the course web site. Use the discussion board to ask general Discussion course-related questions, not for personal issues. We try to respond by the end of the next working board day, but that may not be fast enough for you if you are in a last-minute crunch. For your sanity and ours, start your assignments early and ask questions early too. The board is also for discussion among students. Postings are likely to be read by the course instructor or TAs, but we hope you’ll talk to each other too. Use email for questions about personal issues such as illness or a request for a meeting. Please include Email “CSCA20” in the subject line and then add more specific details. “CSCA20: appointment June 5 or 6” is much more helpful than “question” or even “CSCA20 question”. There are six labs, during weeks 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11. These are the “tutorials” that you signed up for Labs on ROSI, and they are held in computer rooms (also called “labs”) in the BV building. The lab work is done in pairs. Lab rooms will be posted on the course web site before the first lab. To earn the marks for a lab, you and your partner must arrive on time and make significant progress on the lab exercises. The four exercises are intended to keep you thinking during non-lab weeks and to warm you up for the Exercises assignments. The exercise handouts will be posted on the course web site. The exercises are due on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. — not 10:10 p.m. You must work on the exercises on your own, not with a partner. You can submit your work many times; we “pre-mark” your latest version several times before the final deadline, so that you can modify your work to fix any problems. The pre-marking schedule will be posted. No late exercises will be accepted. The last version of your work submitted before the deadline will be the one marked. See the course web site for what to do in case of serious emergencies. You are permitted, and in fact encouraged, to work with a partner on your assignments. You may work with a different partner for each assignment. We expect that partners working together will use Assignments a team-programming approach similar to the one used in labs. Splitting the work and performing the tasks separately will not help prepare you for the tests and final exam. In extreme cases, you may wish to dissolve your partnership. Begin by discussing the situation with your partner; if the two of you cannot resolve the situation, email the instructor and be prepared to come to office hours. Assignment hand
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