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Computer Science
Benj Hellie

lec 21162012 11500 PM Programming languagey The input language is pythonJava ando This is the language we human understandy By the interpretertranslatorthe input is converte into a language output y The output language is bytecodeo Understood by computer such as 100 110 The hierarchy of programmingy The bottom of the pyramidhardwarey Then the OS such as windows linux Macy Then upward you have software such as Microsoft officeonly run on windows not on linux browswer photoshopcan be run on all three OS and python interpreter can be run on all three OSo The dependency you need to have a specific software only for specific OSo The python interpretor has access to both the OSand the hearwareo For example you input python language into a python interpretor and the output lang is bytecode 42 is a type of python input lanand will be processed in the hardware you can also use the JAVA input language into the compilersoftware and the output will recognize the JAVA input and yield a bytecode tooprogram y a set of instructionsy IF I HAVE A PROGRAM that has instructions A and B and C then A has to be completed before B is executedyPythony Core python addition substraction multi division modulation and powerusenot 2 are by defaultalready in thereo Just need to type in the signs in the input languageand get the result out
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