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Computer Science
Benj Hellie

lect 8 2/2/2012 9:11:00 AM Recap of last lecture  Glaucon;s challenge o Three points  EE is useless if you commit PE  When , and what and whether you are selfish?  It’s a tricky question ght now  Note thte differnet intrinsic and instrumentning it rial wants and gooods  Short and long term interest o Both are your interest o Since they are in conflit, then which one is your true interst  Your present self, and your future self  Prudence: relate t oyour own interst o Morality: more regarding than prudence Long and short term interst  If you think of your own futre, how is that different from thinking of someone’s else interst, or someone’s present interest  If I have to undergo a surgical intervention inext week, and I know that anestitic won’t be availbel, so it would be painful o So this ‘future pain’ , is not right now , since I’m not experiencing it o But it does bothers me, right now  Oh god, thank goodness, it didn’t happen to me, even when it may happen to you o The future self is not my true self (my presence pain) o But you may ask: I may never experience sb else’s pain, while I’ll be experieicing my own pain in the future  Tomoroow never comes!  So how would you compare sb’s presence pain, your future pain, and sb’s else’s future pain  But we consider o Should I value my presence comfortab, or to more to the other person , who is my future self  When I get to next week, I may postpone it  This conflict between presence and future interest  This is just prudence o If you always think about future interst, then you are always sacrificing the presence self, then how is that selfish, but more of the opposite to selfish o When I’m jst thinking about the presence self, you are not the same person as me now  I’m gonna care more of myself now, more than care of othrs  If you can experience other ppl’s pain, as your own, then you’ll just die  So we can only survive, because we ignore the pains from other ppl  So we tone down the indifference we cultivate, and have sympathy and empathy for other ppl o The mere fact, that I happen to care about sth now, is the happiness of the non-me now persons  If I happen to care about sb, then this fact of caring is about presence me now  Then I can care about someone who is not me, right now o Most thing seems obvious that you are  Cause you are what you are onow, you are your future self  Even though you are not your future, you can care about it  If you can care about future self, then you can also caure about someone else presence  Both are not me(not my concern)  They are also me, n the sense that they are ppl I’m caring about o So if I do something  If I care about someone else,  To say it’s my caring, it’s not to say I’m selfish  Altrusic: is that whether I will care about someone else  Morality and prudence  Morality is diff from pur o Other ppl’s interst become inmport o So EE, and ethical altrusisc  For EE, there’s no differen between M and P –you ought to do what is only in your interst  For EA, you have to take account of other ppl’s interested o From the presence me, anyting that is not my present pleasure or pain, is outside of the fame of me-now I’m an egoist, that I’m just gonna pursuie the most pleasant moment , right now  This is a truly pure egoism  Based on the very narrorow def of ‘me’  Do whatever that will please me , right now  This is called ‘form PE’, or  Immediate hedonism’ o Hedonism  Hedonist: the present purpose of life is to pursue pleasure  This pleasure can be in the long term ,  But what we are discussing now, ( immediate hedonism) means you are trying to pursue most immediate pleasure.  At any given time, you’ll take anthing that it’s more pleasant o It’s thought not to be good for the long term interest  Prudence takes into account your future interst, so Immediate henosm is not prudent o Then you are not doing what is doing good for long term o It seems you are being most selfish you can possibly be, but from the point of view from the conscience, you are not doing good for your future interest, which is also regarded as your own interst o So IH is imprudent o This is based on the conflict between short term and long term interst are in conflict 
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