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march 20 th 3/20/2012 8:06:00 AM PLAN Comparisns of animals and humans Why killing is wrong for this week  Value of life  There has to be something that is about being live\  We human have sensation of pain, while animals don’t’  The awlfulness of pain  Ppl use this as technique to control pain o To concentrate on the character of the pain o Just concentrate on the feeling itself, what is it ache, what’s the quality of the sensation? o Then you’ll find the awfulness will diminish o This has neurological grounds  There’s the sensation and emotional awfulness of ‘pain’ o In surgery, or using morphine and heroine, I still feel the pain, but I don’t mind it anymore  Seems contradictory, cause we normally think pain =awfulness  But actually the sensation is there, but the awfulness can be stopped  For animals, the awareness of what pain might mean? o The awresns has to do with thinking o We assume animals don’t talk, no apprehension of their future o We are concerned about our future after realizing the pain o The anticipation : I’m anticipating that this is going to get worse, I might go dead… but we assume that animals have no ability to anticipate  Intensity of pain is important o When compare the pains, we can’t tell what the intensity of the pain from another person o If you scream louder, it means your pain is worse, or you are worse of a person (less intolerance) o Interpersonal comparison, is difficutl, let alone human and animals  WHAT it means to experience the intensity? o The louderness of scream  How much you are tyring to get away from sth  So this maybe a measure of sensation,  But it’s just a sigh and evidience, not a measure!! o If you want to measure the quality of something o How to measure of the duration of the pain  The perception of time by animal is differnet from human  You know nothing moves on the projector when watching moves  What you see is just a sequence of separate images –you brain construct the movment even there’s no movement  But if you were abee, then you see the seqwuwnce of still pictures, no movement at all !  Our brain is slower than bees  The lifespan is differnet inter-speciesly  So a pain that’s 20 seconds long makes a bigger difference in a dog’s life than for humans  Total range of possible experience  The point of education is to broaden the range of pleasure  The range of pleasures , o
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