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Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

Lecture 2 - Links and notes are on the intranet - Use citations for articles  If we have research papers you can go to Sarah Fedko for help at the library  Response paper: Formal and you are allowed to use “I” Critical Thinking: it is not automatically disagreeing. Equity: distinct from equality. Focused on results and outcomes. Movie:  Diversity: o Language barrier soulyman & mother or wei when french is difficult for him because he is ESL (english subsequent language) o Different kinds of kids with different needs o Student-teacher; tu vs. vous (informality vs. formality) o Student-teacher interpreting words differently o Linguistic gaps; to students, certain tense they don’t know how to use (“they don’t talk like that anymore”)  Grammar; saying, “once you learn to master it then you can criticize it” o Home-life diversity/ ethnic & family structures  Parent-teacher interview  Is some students if they get expelled then they just switch schools but to some cases like soulyman, he will be sent back to his homeland o Students talking about soccer  Asking “what do you identifies as?”  France or Caribbean => for Carl (new student) o Linguistic & adult Culture/ student culture differences  When
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