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University of Toronto Scarborough
Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

Lecture 4 Religion and socioeconomic class: equality and difference Social Darwinism  Is the view that people, groups and institutions that achieve success do so because they are “superior”.  How is the determination of “superiority” made? o Because they choose success  Should teachers be concerned about this? o Why or why not? o System privileges those who are already successful  “All success is deserved”, the person who is not successful did not even get a chance READINGS Blackwell Consider the case of Kimberly Rogers. How does thinking in terms of “welfare fraud” frame her actions? What other ways might there be to think about her actions? (Hint: equity and diversity and education)?  Stereotype that people who get loan and assistance are “lazy and stupid” Given this reframing, might there have been better responses to Ms. Rogers’ actions?  She wanted to get out and pursue happiness and improve her success in life Point of connection: Can you draw a comparison between what Ms. Rogers did and the recent news stories about teachers and students caught cheating on EQAO tests? Focus: using dictionaries defined as cheating by the EQAO Mini-Debate:  Do private or specialized (eg. Charter) schools that lean in particular directions – black-focused; girls- or boys-only; religious; arts-focused – work toward the goal of equity? Yes or no?  Yes: o No equity so created to meet those needs o Lower chance in success, help even them out o Help those who have learning disabilities and disability o More power and self-esteem and confidence - “race”, created because students felt left out - train children for the real world by building up their confidence summary: exposure to the world in a charter school doesn’t mean theywill only learn from that school but there are also other environments  No: o Real world does not have everything divided o Lack of exposure for other religion, races, gendre, etc o When you are constantly separated, how do you relate with the students o Stereotypes will arise that “it is o Narrow mindedness, might think themselves as superior o can separate students from the communities o children are limited so we need to help show that children have options o Only exposed to limited things / “narrow minded” o superiority summary:  we as educators, we have a job to prepare children for the real world, breaking barriers of cultures, language and sexism, etc.  human endeavour is to break down barriers to have everyone connected, and in order to connect we believe that separating students to limitation does not prepare students for the real world. Democracy, Equality, Diversity RE: Murray Smith (The poor will always be with us) What is the significance of Smith’s point that for most of human history communities have been organized in terms of “aform of communism” and that the transition to a class society
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