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Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

Lecture 6 Exceptionality in Education Movie:  Movie is autobiographical  Lying about her identity o Because she feels marginalized and does not feel like she is superior, etc o Told the guy she was French  As teachers, how would we feel about students changing their identity o If we know about their background then talk about inspirational things about that culture o Help introduce pride and value about that culture  She was in somewhat a privilege situation but wasn’t the case all the time o Ex. other students complaining about going places to visit family for Christmas  What happened that resulted that she felt like she didn’t belong? o Listen to punk and heavy music that was not socially really accepted in Vienna or Iran o Hung out with punk-like students because they also didn’t really fit in Vienna  Why was it black and white or animated? o A “black”/ dark period of her life o Part of her memories o Animation helps view the goriness of the war (not too graphic) o Animation helps emphasize emotion  What does it tell us about the history of Iran?  In our society, teachers, educators, and society is taught that cartoons and animation is “not real” and therefore not take it seriously  Does this movie interpret the series of events in real history of Iran? o It is an autobiography so she was there during the time but was not really in the war o Memories are not really accurate when you write an autobiography from years back (because she was a child at the time) o Theres and experience, the story of experience  As teachers: using these kinds of text, or movies o There are positive and negative effects  Negative: bias view BULLYING  Jamie Hadley (2011): Ottawa, bullied for being gay  Amanda Todd (2012): BC, cyber-bully victim  cbc.ca/current Disability/ Exceptionality in Education Today’s reading: Merit o Inclusions in classroom o Goes to courses to learn about it and contact parents o First two years in using inclusions in the classrooms or what worked and didn’t  Assignment that didn’t work: with ABC’s but not give the student with disabilities
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