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Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

Communication across difference, conflict and conflict analysis 1/27/2013 7:23:00 PM Effective Communication What are the main components of all VERBAL communication?  Speaking  Listening  Understanding  Body language, gestures  Eye contact  Tone o Shouting, sarcasm, etc  Writing  Posture  Register o Formal/informal o Ex. hey, yo, sup, etc.  Émotion (expressed and felt) What is acceptable or not in class?  Swearing and slang is not appropriate  Whatever you cannot say in front of grandma or the queen, don’t say it in the classroom Adler  wants us to think about the form of language  a few key concepts… o NVC (Non-Violent Communication) o Judgement o Empathy  It is not giving advice to somebody  Not feeling bad for another person  Someone to understand the situation; feeling what the other person is feeling  What would it feel like if you were in the other person’s situation  Listening with your whole being  Being at the same level of emotions  “Subject to biography” by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl  feeling with that other person even if you don’t know exactly what they are going through  being sad there with them o Listening for feelings o Paraphrasing  Repeat what another said to have clarification o Sustaining empathy o Self-empathy  Adler prescribes specific ways of talking  Using language for effective communication o What might be some concerns about:  “But” or “sandwich” statements  when teachers say “oh you did well but…”  ex. “you paper is interesting and well written, however you could have improve this, and overall it is a good statement”  using questions to hedge  “I” vs “It” statements  statement that accepts respo
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