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Concurrent Teacher Education
Colette Granger

March27 Cross-cultural communication in schools EQUALITY ------ HIERARCHY  Self-direction - take direction  Flexibility in roles – clearly defined roles  Freedom to challenge – respect superiors’ status and power  Power – enforce rules  Bend the rules – different treatment of genders, ages, etc.  Same treatment of all (+/-) - ex. during discussion cafes  whether it is okay to give your own opinion or not (which position do you stand in?) - maybe sometimes schools can lead us to certain directions - cultural element: eastern country/culture focus on one person leading and everyone follows vs. western – given more opportunity to challenge - DIRECT COMMUNICATION ------ INDIRECT COMMUNICATION  What is said > how it’s said - focus on how and what is said  Openly confront issues - discreetly avoid contention  Communication concerns straightforwardly - express concerns tactfully and diplomatically  Engage in conflict as needed end the rules - avoid conflict if possible  Leave no room for interpretation - depend on listener to interpret meaning - how does it work if you have Asian descendent but you’re born in a western culture - we can adapt - bilculturalism, orientat
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