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Lecture 1

CSCA67H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Absolute Continuity, Joint Probability Distribution

Computer Science
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Anna Bretscher

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STAB 52 Quiz 8
Question 1 (3 Marks each)
Consider two discrete random variables X and Y. Moreover, X and Y are independent. Given that X and Y
are the following distributions find E(X+Y), E(2X-3Y) and E(4XY).
(a) 
(b) 
(a) Given the following distributions we can easily find the following:
(b) Follow the same way as part (a)
Question 2 (2 Marks Each)
Suppose X and Y are jointly absolutely continuous, with joint density function  given by:
 
(a) What is E(X)?
(b) What is E(Y)?
(a) We find E(X) as follows.
 
(b) And E(Y) is as follows.
 
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