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29 Mar 2012
With all the socio-cultural barriers to physical activity, some barriers are focused more than others.
Barriers like education, social economic status and sexual orientation are well researched and explained
but the topic of racial stacking has not been focused on much as it should. Racial stacking refers to the
over or under- representation of certain racial group members in particular positions within team
sports. Racial stacking occurs in all of the “big four” sports, basketball, hockey, football and baseball. In
football and baseball specific positions are usually given preference to different races. There is no
starting running back in the NFL who is white, but there are not many starting quarterbacks who are
black. In baseball centerfield is primarily played by African Americans but the infield positions mainly
have white players. Hockey and Basketball do not have positions that favour certain backgrounds,
instead the entire sport is dominated by one race. Hockey is more dominated by white athletes while
black athletes dominate in basketball. Even though all of these sports are affected by stacking, football is
by far the most dominant. Racial stacking is affecting what positions football players learn and is
affecting what people think of the game.
1st paragraph white positions- qb, center, inside linebacker...smart positions, leading other teammates
2nd paragraph- black positions- rb, wr, db, de...skill position, less thinking more athleticism,
3rd paragraph- talk about some other sports quickly, change of positions and sport
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