CTEC01H3 Lecture Notes - Eye Contact, Body Language

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28 Jan 2013
Communication across difference, conflict and
conflict analysis 1/27/2013 7:23:00 PM
Effective Communication
What are the main components of all VERBAL communication?
Body language, gestures
Eye contact
o Shouting, sarcasm, etc
o Formal/informal
o Ex. hey, yo, sup, etc.
Émotion (expressed and felt)
What is acceptable or not in class?
Swearing and slang is not appropriate
Whatever you cannot say in front of grandma or the queen, don’t
say it in the classroom
wants us to think about the form of language
a few key concepts…
o NVC (Non-Violent Communication)
o Judgement
o Empathy
It is not giving advice to somebody
Not feeling bad for another person
Someone to understand the situation; feeling what the
other person is feeling
What would it feel like if you were in the other
person’s situation
Listening with your whole being
Being at the same level of emotions
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