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Economics for Management Studies
Iris Au

1 ECMA06 Introduction ECMA06 Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Mathematical Approach Winter 2011 www.notesolution.com2 About the Course Professor:Iris Au Recommended Text: Christopher T. S. Ragan and Richard G. Lipsey, Macroeconomics, 13 Canadian edition, Pearson Addison Wesley, 2011 Class format: *Lecture: Monday & Wednesday 2:00pm 3:30pm Tutorial: Throughout the week (starting next week) * Same as ECMA04, lectures will be taped and available online. Grading: Midterm 35% of the overall grade Final Exam 65% of the overall grade I do take improvement into consideration. If you do better in the final exam, your midterm marks will be replaced by your final exam marks (i.e., your final exam will count for 100%). www.notesolution.com3 ECMA06 Introduction Need help for the course? The TAs are your first option. TA office: MW 369 Professors office hours: Monday 11:00am 12:00noon Tuesday 3:00pm 4:00pm Wednesday 4:00pm 5:00pm Friday 11:00am 12:00noon Note: The best way to talk to me is right after class www.notesolution.com
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