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Economics for Management Studies
Iris Au

MGEC61International Economics FinanceIntroductionInternational finance is a study of problems and policies of an open economy International finance studies the issues like unemployment savings trade imbalances money and price levels include exchange rates Organization of the course 1 Introductionchapter 13 2 Interest rate parity how exchange rate is determined by the flows of capital and exchange rate overshooting chapters 1415 3 Purchasing power parity and the exchange rate in the long run how exchange rate is determined by the flows of goods and the determinants of exchange rate in the long runchapter 16 4 The DDAA model the model that explains how exchange rate and output are determined in general equilibrium settingchapters 17 18Flexible exchange ratechapter 17Fixed exchange ratechapter 18 5 International macroeconomic policychapters 1921Arguments for and against flexible exchange rateschapter 19Interdependence of macroeconomic policieschapter 19Arguments for and against common currencychapter 21 MGEC61Chapter 13Iris Au 1
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