Lecture 11

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21 Apr 2012

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EESA06H3 - Introduction to Planet Earth
Lecture 11 April 2/2012
Quiz 10 is on Thursday because of Good Friday
3 Hour Final Multiple Choice Exam
o Approximately 120 questions
o Based on Chapters 1-4, 11, 19 and 20 and Lectures 10 and 11
o Special emphasis on Chapters 1-4 and 20
o Know Rodinia and Pangaea
Figure 20.4 and 20.6
An Urban World: The Age of Construction
o Make the planet more habitable
o Understand real world system, how they work and how we are changing them
Ex. Deforestation, ocean cycle, etc.
o The planet is becoming urbanized over time
Almost 80% of the world’s population lives in cities
These cities create urban shadows
o Super cities- any city with a population of 10 million or greater
Vast majority of these super cities are around areas of plate tectonic activity
Greater risks for natural hazards such as earthquakes
The Anthropocene: The Epoch of Man
o We shift more sediment every year than rivers and this leads to changes in
environmental chemistry
o Industrial revolution
Invention of the steam engine is the beginning of the Anthropocene
To Meet the Challenges of Change Problems we face
o Urban sprawl
o Managing/protecting water resources and watersheds
o Wastes (nuclear, municipal, industrial, etc.)
Leachate contaminated water that goes down into ground water
No longer potable Water that can no longer be safely consumed
Industrial sites contain contaminants that need to be remediated
o Remediation of contaminated sites
Different chemicals require different methods of remediation which can be very
o Radon gas
Uranium decay produces lead as an end production and produces Radon as a
An emerging problem
o Earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis
o Mitigation of climate warming effects
Biggest impact of climate warming in Canada is in the North
Permafrost landscapes that are permanently frozen but a little bit of
thawing goes on in the Summer
It has been stable for the past 1000s of years but is become unstable
now because of climate warming
o Environmental impact of resource extraction and energy supplies: oil sands & coal
o Environmental policy and planning
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