EESA06 Lecture 7 Notes

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Published on 3 Jul 2011
Environmental Science
Lecture 7
Iceland is basalt
Ecuador has pyroclastic , middle of the pacific and near the equator
Sea level volcanoes with flat tops are due to erosions and become juyots; flat topped
dead volcanoes and are part of a hot spot trail
About 40 hot spots and most are on oceanic plates, usually associated with hot spot
islands, islands in the middle of oceans.
The age of rocks on the island is much younger than the ocean floor
There is a systematic aging as you go down the hot spot trail
Hot spots play an important role in plate tectonic theory
Bathymetric: map that shows water depth
Oldest island is 3 million years old
Shield volcano: fluid basalt lava
Magma hitting water: phreato magmatic, result in bumps and steam and pyroclastic
Young landscape: no green stuff, vegetation
Ropey lava, ahouhou
Once a volcano moves away from hot spot, it dramatically collapses
Scoria: large pieces of cinder
Feral: wild
Rocks and minerals:
Guides to the environment
Igneous means to be born in fire
Intrusive igneous rocks that will cool
Lava flows are extrusive
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